Why We Do What We Do?

The “why” matters — does it not? It matters why people do what they do? We don’t just work for our paychecks, and we know that neither do you. You and we do what we do because we want every Senior to be afforded to age and receive care in the the place that is their best medicine — their own Home.

We have been around Homecare for 22 years; we know that Home is the Best Medicine™, is it not? 

According to AARP, 89% of Seniors desperately want to age at Home, and want to avoid nursing homes. Throughout our two decades in Homecare, we have traveled through hundreds of nursing homes and met thousands of Seniors. We chatted with them. We cried with them. We laughed with them. We sang along the songs of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra with them. We have learned that music, the music of their youth, is a wonderful therapy for them. However, we have yet to meet one Senior who will tell us that she or he does not want to be back in their own Home.

Home is such a powerfully emotional concept. Home is more than a shelter. Home is were their memories are. We have come to believe that Home is their best medicine.

We are, therefore, on a personal mission to help each and every Senior who wants to stay Home, to do just that — to stay, gracefully age and receive care at Home. We partner with Homecare providers in each and every state, and help them better serve their Clients, their Caregivers, and by doing so, we all help the ultimate cause — help every American Senior stay Home.

They deserve it — they have earned it.

Let’s serve them — together. We are better together!

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Christopher and his team are amazing professionals with so much to offer their Home Care agency clients. They are professional problem-solvers, creative minds who think outside the box. They truly are Eldercare experts because every strategy is carried out with “how can this better serve our Seniors and their Families (…)”

★★★★★ Sylvia V. of Waterbury, Connecticut