Social Workers wear many hats and employ their skill in many arenas, with the everyday

objective of helping individuals solve and cope with problems in their day-to-day lives.

Today, however, I’d like to focus on those Social Workers who assist our elderly. 

Their focus is helping our seniors, especially those residing in facilities or living

home alone.  So who are these “angels?”


To some seniors, Social Workers are family. To others, they are advocates and they

may be the only friend who is left that offers a listening ear.  Their roles are endless. 

Our Elderly need Social Workers because they will encourage, motivate, and offer a

one-on-one session as needed, especially for those clients dealing with depression

and anxiety. Social Workers advocate for the elderly’s needs. They provide that

support when no family is around. Social Workers protect the elderly, and go above and

beyond, and are attentive to the little details, for example, ensuring that they have their

“yellow slippers” because those slippers make Mrs. Mary feel at ease.


The truth is even those individuals engaging in daily facility activities benefit from their

Social Workers interaction and service. The Social Worker becomes their “Go To” person. 

Our elder’s well-being goes beyond Nursing and merely meeting the elderly’s basic needs.

The Social Workers role is also about recognizing that their psychosocial well-being

is just as significant.


Social Workers advocate for their clients, coordinate after-care, educate and teach,

link our elders with community resources, protect the vulnerable and ensure their safety,

provide support, and research and remedy problems that our seniors may be facing.



In short, Social Workers wear Angel Wings!



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