The arrival of spring is that magical season that signifies new life and we begin to hear the

melody of the Blue Birds and experience the subtle return of color in the emerging Wild

Flowers.  For many of you, this was probably the time of year in which your mother began to

think about and prepare for the joys of planting and pruning.  An era in which she looked

forward to a relaxing stroll with a friend or family member, spent a couple of hours at the

community center playing her favorite game, or  simply enjoyed a cup of coffee on the front

porch on a warm evening as she beheld a beautiful sunset.


You may wonder, “What will she do now that her health has declined?”  You may also ask, “How

will she manage now that she is not as mobile as she used to be?”

One of the greatest potential losses in times of declining health, or in the frailty that

accompanies aging, is the loss of Quality of Life!  The fact that your Mom is no longer able to 

independently do the things she loves.  It’s true that the loss of independence can be

disappointing, however, just because she can no longer perform certain activities by herself

doesn’t mean she has to stop doing them altogether.


With the right support, encouragement, and assistance you may very well be able to improve

your mother’s Quality of Life and assist her in continuing to do the things that have always put

a smile on her face and made her happy.


While it may be a fact that Mom cannot walk out to the shed by herself, put on a pair of

Gardening Gloves, grab a Spade, and kneel down on the ground to plant a garden, it may be

possible for a family member, friend, or health care provider to assist her to the shed, help her

set up, and prepare a table at an appropriate level for her to pot plants, etc.

This is true for many of the activities she used to enjoy!  If she loved a mid-day walk on

Saturday but is now confined to a wheelchair, a friend, family member, or care provider can

push her along her favorite path or trail and allow her to enjoy the scenery she has always



In short, just because Mom’s health will not permit her to independently do the things she has

always enjoyed, doesn’t mean that she cannot do them at all!  Be creative by making a list of

all the things that you remember her doing.  Come up with creative ways in which she can still

relish in her passions.  This may take a some creative thinking, but it can definitely be done.


Quality of Life improves health!

So, don’t let aging or declining health rob her Quality of Life!



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