Planning for family picnics as we look forward to spending time with loved ones can be a very exciting time.  As the temperatures rise unfortunately, so do blood pressures which can lead to Cardiovascular Disease(CVD), including strokes, heart attacks, and heart Failure.  Salt intake has been linked to these harmful outcomes, especially with the elderly.  Considering how diets are modified yearly is essential and that much more a focus during the picnic season when hot dogs, potato chips and other salty foods are added to the menu.

Reducing salt should be considered by all individuals ensuring you stay within a healthy range but especially the elderly due to their sensitivity which means salt has a greater effect on their blood pressure.  Those people who suffer from CHF and Hypertension should always consider the effects that salt will have on their health and consult with their primary care physician. Help your loved one transition to a NO SALT diet, as it may be difficult. Assist them with meal plans and provide alternatives. 

When preparing for those fun picnics, consider the healthier options and consider your guests.  Engage your family and friends and challenge them to bring a healthy dish. Perhaps a dish that can be rated and the theme is NO SALT! Be creative and explore the colorful food combinations that give food their zest. 

So what Can You Do?

Keywords: reduce and eliminate salt intake.

Reducing the amount of salt used in meal preparation and at the table makes all the difference.  It’s an adjustment but there are alternatives for seasoning foods, such as black pepper, herbs and spices.

Avoid eating processed foods.  Instead, eat meals made from scratch which allows you to monitor your salt intake.  Eat fresh fruits, salads and unsalted snacks, such as nuts.  Always check your labels as they will provide you with the necessary numbers to keep you on track with your intake. Always remember the 3 E’s: Eat right, Exercise and Enjoy!

Please feel free to share your healthy Low-Sodium / NO Sodium Recipes with us.


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