As the subtle signs of Spring patiently blossom, you probably can’t help but think about

planning a Summer vacation.  This year, however, is different!  Mom is recovering from a

fractured hip and her general health has declined.  You have been her primary care giver and you

can’t see how you can possibly manage to be away from her for an extended period of time. 

After all, who will help her with her morning care?  Who will see that she eats lunch and takes

her medication?  Who will help her get ready for sleep in the evening and walk her safely to her


These circumstances arise as our parents age, and are living with multiple health issues.  The

good news is that there are options and possibilities available to help you ensure care for your

Mom while still taking care of yourself personally.

One of those options is called Respite Care.  Respite Care is defined as: The temporary

provision of care of a dependent elderly, ill, or handicapped person, providing a period of relief

for their usual care giver(s).

Respite Care for your loved one can be accomplished in a number of ways.  There are Skilled

Nursing Facilities who offer respite services by allowing you to admit your Mom for a selected

period of time.  This service is paid for privately, however, your Mom will receive twenty four

hour oversight, nursing care, and medication management while you are away.

Another option, if you prefer to keep Mom in the comfort of her own home, is to employ the

services of a Home Healthcare Agency which can provide a caregiver to tend to your mother’s

needs in the home while you are on vacation.

Finally, in some instances, family caregivers look for ways that they can actually bring their

parent on vacation with them.  While it may not be feasible to do this because you feel that

you cannot personally provide adequate oversight and provide for her needs while on vacation,

some families hire a personal caregiver to go along.  This caregiver is a one-on-one provider

who will attend to all of your parent’s needs during the trip.

Is vacation a reality this year?  Yes!  Consider, choose, and implement the best care option

available to you and your Mom, and then “Bon Voyage!”


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