Dear Homecare Agency owner,

This is yet another very popular question from our blog series about best practices for building and cultivating relationships with your local Discharge Planners. Many of you asked this question and shared with us your comments and concerns. In today’s blog, since we are so close to the holidays, we want to share with your the do’s and don’ts of gift giving ideas for Discharge Planners.

Generally speaking, gifts are very problematic because Discharge Planners often feel uneasy and sometimes very uncomfortable when being presented with gifts. Why? There are three, somewhat overlapping, reasons.

Three Reasons Why Your Gifts May Not Be Welcome by Discharge Planners

• Because they know that such gifts often come with strings attached

• Because many healthcare facilities have policies against such practices

• Because gifts place them in a position of conflict of interest. They are human beings, and human beings naturally want to reciprocate. Discharge Planners know that you want referrals from them. However, they do not want to discharge their patients to a Homecare Agency that buys their favor with gifts. They want to discharge their patients to a Homecare Agency that will best care for the Elderly.

In the above explanation we hinted that there is all the difference in the world between material gifts and non-material gifts. Discharge Planners do not want your material gifts, but they do want you non-material gifts. 

What Non-Material Gifts Would Discharge Planners Love to Receive? 

Again, Discharge Planners, looking out for the best interest for their patients being discharged back Home, want to place them into the care of a Homecare Agency that clearly and consistently proved that it is willing to offer non-material gifts — gifts of care, gifts that cannot be purchased.

What are those gifts? 

• Gifts of your sincere devotion to serving the Elderly

• Gifts of trust and consistent care

• Gifts of being dependable, punctual and always keeping your promises

• Gifts of being organized and reliable

This is it. Those are the gifts that Discharge Planners want to receive. Those are the gifts that will never ever make them uncomfortable. Those are the gifts that do not come with any strings attached. Those are the gifts that actually observe everyone’s best interest. Those are the gifts that will truly be appreciated by the Elderly, and therefore, by the Discharge Planners.


In previous blogs we explained in detail how your Homecare Agency can offer such gifts to Discharge Planners.

The only question remains… is your Homecare Agency willing to offer those gifts? 

We hope you are, and we are here to support your Homecare Agency in that purpose. Our motto is “We serve those who serve the Elderly,” and we mean every word of it. 


Are you sending your local Discharge Planner a Christmas card? If she is of Jewish faith, did you send her greetings for Hanukkah?  

Thank you for being willing to serve the Elderly!

ADAPT to your local Discharge Planner’s needs

— or risk being ignored by Her

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