Spring has sprung! Most of our Seniors could use a hand with spring cleaning. Cleanliness benefits more than just the esthetics of the home of our aging loved ones. Cleanliness benefits their mood, hygiene, and health.

What is it about early spring that everyone feels like cleaning?

Small correction: nobody may actually feel like cleaning, but most of us do want a clean, fresh smelling Home — don’t we?

I think it’s fair to say that not everyone enjoys cleaning but maintaining a clean home for many reasons has proven to enhance our quality of life.

I have always believed that there is nothing quite like the comfort of knowing that my Home is sparkly clean. I love the feeling of sitting down, after the cleaning job is done, and knowing that my home is clean. Now consider your aging loved one for a minute. Have you ever wondered how certain physical limitations have perhaps stood in the way of Mom or Dad being able to keep the home just as you remember?

Spring is an exciting time of year but it also brings with it additional allergies and if we consider the home with the outside environment, it’s easy to understand why spring cleaning gets everyone excited. Did you know that up to 80% of household dust is fabric lint, pet dandruff (if you have a pet), insect waste, and dead skin particles? Eww! Who wants to breathe that in? The bottom line is that very few people — if any — actually love the job of cleaning, but most of us love the end result of having a clean Home.  “So what is it about spring that everyone feels like they want to have a clean home?”

Well, … the leftovers of dirty snow have melted away from the sides of the road. The driveway and walk-up to our Home may be covered with leftovers of sand we used for traction during the winter. The garage, the shed, the hallway may be obstructed with snow shovels, brooms, sand or salt buckets. The potential of snowfall and very cold weather is mostly gone. Warmer, sunny days are becoming more frequent … and change is seen all around us. There is a certain novelty and freshness about spring. Some of the trees have begun to bloom. Some of the birds have returned Home and started to chirp and sing for us. It really feels like we ought to take the next step and… clean up — does it not? 

Surprise your Senior loved ones with an offer to assist them with their spring cleaning.  Treat it as a special project. It not only feels great to assist your neighbor but your elderly neighbor will be so grateful. Make some suggestions that may help prepare them for the new season, if the project is too complex, it should be done in stages, perhaps with the assistance of an extra Caregiver or two.

In our next article we will offer best practices to organize and clean Home of a Senior.

With love for the Elderly…


Thankful Sylvia and the Care Team

of Embracing Change Home Care

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I cannot say enough about Sylvia and Embracing Change Home Care. The kind, compassionate care that was shown to my parents for several weeks by Sylvia and Paula was second to none. Sylvia even visited my dad in the hospital when he was there for a brief stay.

The decision to bring a caregiver into my parent’s home was not an easy one, and was met with much reluctance on their part. However, they were soon won over by the wonderful care they received.

I would recommend Embracing Change Home Care wholeheartedly, and am grateful for their wonderful service to my parents.


Sue T. of Middlebury, Connecticut