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The topic of Discharge Planners and how your Homecare Agency should build relationships with them has proven to be most popular. We have received many questions and requests to continue this topic. Today we will answer one of the frequently asked questions, namely:

“How do I prove to Discharge Planners that my Agency is different from others and I stand out from the crowd?”

Although we can appreciate the fact that your Homecare Agency wants to stand out, the reality is that talking is …  cheap, and very few Agencies actually act in a manner consistent with what they verbally state.

Most Discharge Planners Concur: Talk is Cheap

Every Agency talks about how good they are, how wonderful they are, how perfect they are. Describing your Agency that way makes you exactly just like every other Agency. Discharge Planners are sick and tired of hearing the same “We are wonderful” song from every salesperson, from every single Homecare Agency. This is why Discharge Planners dislike salespeople. Let us restate today’s main question:

How do You Prove to Discharge Planners that Your Agency is Different from Others? 

The answer is: Be different! Do not do what every other Agency does. Do not talk about how wonderful you are. Do the very opposite.

Actually show up, like clockwork, every Wednesday at 10:15 am (or whenever it is convenient for the Discharge Planner). When you show up, show up with a smile. Greet the Discharge Planners by their first names. Ask how was their week. Ask if you can restock your brochure rack. Always leave 25 brochures behind you so your rack space is never empty. Say: “Thank you, Barbara”. Say: “Thank you” to Stacy. Wish them a good week in the service of the Elderly. Before you leave, make a promise. Always make a promise. Make a promise by saying: “I  will see you next Wednesday at 10:15am,” and leave. Then keep your promise. Next week, repeat. Repeat this process week after week, month after month. In 3-4 months of doing exactly this, Barbara and Stacy will say to themselves:

“This Joyce from Joyce’s Caregivers agency is different. She is selfless. She is sincere and devoted to serving the Elderly. She is trustworthy and consistent. She is dependable and punctual — she is someone who makes and keeps her promises. She is organized and reliable. She is the real thing. This is exactly whom we want to discharge our patients to.”

You Really do not Have to Be a Salesperson …

This works. We have personally done this over, and over, and over again. This is your recipe for success in building relationships with Discharge Planners. There are no shortcuts. You have to earn their trust and their business.

The wonderful part about our advice is that you really do not have to be a salesperson. You have to be sincere and devoted to serving the Elderly. You have to be trustworthy and consistent. You have to be dependable and punctual — someone who makes and keeps promises. You have to be organized and reliable. You really do not have to be a salesperson — actually, you better not be. Discharge Planners can smell salespeople from miles away. Discharge Planners are wise and they know that there is a great correlation between how well you follow the steps in the recipe and how well their discharged patients are going to be taken care of.

You do not prove that you are different by talking.

You prove that you are different by doing when everyone else is talking.

Would you like to learn another secret? Most Homecare Agencies will not follow this recipe. They would like to. They would want to, but they will not implement it on a consistent basis. Without the ingredient of “consistency” this recipe will not work. We have been around Homecare for 22 years, and we have seen it all. The fact that most Agencies will not implement this is your opportunity. Be different. Implement this recipe fully. Follow this recipe religiously, and let us know how you are doing.

ADAPT to your local Discharge Planner’s needs

— or risk being ignored by Her

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