Dear Homecare Agency Owner,

A year may have 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months, but we usually observe the passing of time by the seasons. Your website, being the first and therefore the most important initial point of contact between your Agency and a potential Client, should be dressed up accordingly. This fall dress up your website with warm yellow, amber orange and colors of foliage. 

Some of you have already decorated the front door and waiting area of your office with a haystack, beautiful pumpkins or oversized squash. Those symbolic objects do a wonderful job of bringing warmth and Home-like coziness into your Homecare Agency’s office.

Have you prepared your website for the fall Season? Chances are your website will host a lot more traffic than your office. Now may be the perfect time to dress up your digital office — your website, your Blog, your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. 

ADAPT your website 

Go to your Homecare Agency’s Home page. Do you feel like it is Season-centric? Remember, in 85% of cases your potential Client is a Female. She is very susceptive to changes, especially seasonal changes. Making such adaptations to your website is very appealing to Her.

You can decorate your website with a simple seasonal message. You can ADAPT your website to a fall season with the use of appropriate colors — like the aforementioned warm yellow, amber orange and colors of foliage. 

You can dress up your website with Season-centric images, although regardless of the season, the images should always be Eldercare-centric, Homecare-centric and Female-centric.

Dress up and ADAPT your Logo

Have you noticed how Google changes its logo from season to season? Google, too, follows what we call Season-centric adaptation. You can use a different set of Season-centric colors for all or part of your logo. You can attach a seasonal symbol near your Agency’s logo that will accentuate appropriate season.

Dress up and ADAPT your Blog

Now click on your Blog page. Are the topics of your recent blogs organized according to seasonal timeline? Seasonal changes also bring weather changes, and topics of flu, vaccinations, cold prevention measures for Elderly, slip and fall risks become very popular during the fall.  

Use your communication tools to provide your current and potential Clients with Season-centric, helpful and useful articles.

Dress up and ADAPT your Social Media

Check your social media pages. Do they reflect the seasonal spirit and current topics that may be of interest to your viewers? 

Make sure that background colors and images on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn accounts, etc. are Fall-centric. If you decorated your logo with a special fall symbol/color on your Agency’s Home page, keep it consistent on your social media channels.

Seasonal changes offer your Homecare Agency an opportunity to creatively attract and please your online Female visitors with visuals and topics that correspond to certain seasons. During the fall, dress up your website with warm yellow, amber orange and colors of foliage. 

Your online visitor will feel like She is “in the right place at the right time”. She will feel welcomed and connected. She will feel like She is a part of your Homecare Family — a place that is warm, caring, and supportive.

Make the most of this 2015 Fall Season — please your online visitors, and by doing so, they may just take the next step and call you or knock on your Homecare Agency’s door and become a Client.

Have you already dressed up your Agency’s website for the 2015 Fall Season? Let us know how we can help. 

Thank you for being willing to serve the Elderly!

ADAPT to your local Female Client’s needs

— or risk being ignored by Her

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Your Homecare Agency website and content must please your Female visitors. They account for 85% of your online traffic. We build websites that appeal to your Female viewers.

Did you know that your website has only 32 seconds to attract Her attention?

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