Dear Homecare Agency Owner,

From our last week’s blog you have learned all about Google’s new quality content initiative.

We presented you with seven carefully researched findings. When implemented, those findings and best practices behind them will help your Homecare Agency’s website rank higher with Google or any other major search engine.

Today, let’s uncover the details for each one of those findings.

Your Homecare Agency website shall:

1. Feature valuable Homecare-related content

If you have articles on your website about anything but Homecare, your website will not be perceived as trustworthy or producing relevant, expert advice. 

As such, your website ranking will be downgraded by Google (and your online visitors). What content should you feature? Think of what your potential Client — a 55-year-old Female professional — would be interested in reading. Keep in mind that Her number one priority is to keep her loved one safe and well at Home. If needed, consult your local Geriatric Care Professionals for expert, well-researched advice and share it with your Clients, their Elderly parents and their Caregivers.

If your Homecare Agency specializes in Memory Care, your website should feature as many articles on Memory Care as possible. That way your website will be recognized as a high-quality, professional source of information.

We strongly feel that your web content should be well-organized and that most, if not all, of those articles should be integrated within your blog. 

2. Have a unique voice

Do your own detailed, unbiased research on every topic. Analyze both sides of the story. Take time to prepare insightful Homecare-centric content. Do not hurry. Brainstorm with your Team to hear different sides, arguments and explanations. When writing, do not make your articles too short or too long. Articles that are too short will be perceived as being prepared in haste. Articles that are too long — taking longer than 10 minutes to be read — may not get read at all. Shorter, but thoughtful articles get read more often.

3. Have zero advertisements

Some Agencies, wanting to subsidize the cost of operating a website and earn some extra income, offer ads for other products. We feel that doing this is a terrible mistake, and will cause your potential Clients to click-away from your site prematurely. Advertisements tend to distract your online visitors from website content and make them irritated. This also refers to pop-up windows with links to unrelated websites or pages, banner ads, self-starting videos, music and graphics on your website. 

4. Have clean and unbroken web links

We already mentioned the importance of Click-to-Call and Click-to-Email buttons throughout your website, so your mobile online visitors can easily reach your Agency any time by email, phone or by filling out a Contact form on your Mobile-friendly website. Check regularly if the links are working and make sure they lead to whatever destination they were created to lead. Sometimes your website might have links to pages that are not available any more. Links also do break. There is so much spam and malware out there and we, being in the IT service, see all of that affecting the health of a website and its internal and external links. Google does not want to refer their Clients to a Eldercare website where they will get lost.

Please do maintain clean and unbroken links within your Homecare Agency website and Google will reward you with higher rankings.

5. Be secure and spam-free

Install anti-spam software, track spam and safely remove spam and/or hacker attacks. Every time your website may be attacked by spammers and you do not take any defensive measures, your website gets less and less healthy.

We maintain 72 domains and update websites’ software, patch security holes, fix broken links, remove malware, defend against security breaches on weekly, even on daily basis.

If your Homecare Agency website has been infected with a malware and/or virus (and most websites have been), Google will be unable to properly index your content and will have no choice but to reject and/or downgrade your website’s rankings. After all, Google does not want to refer their Clients to an unhealthy Seniorcare website.

Please maintain the health of your website and your Google rankings will reflect that.

6. Be easy to navigate through

Google (and your online visitors) frown upon tabs, buttons, and links being placed too close to each other on your website. Google’s mobile initiative is very critical of those issues. 

Why? Because the mobile screen is so much smaller than your average desktop screen, so the spacing between the tabs, buttons and links on a mobile device is that much more critical of an issue. If links, tabs and buttons are too close to each other and/or the content is not well-organized, your potential Clients (and Google) will be frustrated. 

We also see too many Agencies mixing Client content with Caregiver-recruitment content. Avoid that at all costs. Clearly separate them and you will make both parties feel more special and less frustrated. 

When your website is easy to navigate through, your Google ranking will climb higher and higher.

7. Be updated regularly with fresh content 

Your website and its content should always be fresh. Write your articles on a weekly basis and include them within your site. Doing so gives potential Clients a reason to return to your site. Why would they do it otherwise? Ironically, Google also needs a reason to return to your site, re-visit its fresh content and index it properly. Without fresh content, Google will not return to your Homecare Agency’s website, and neither will your potential Clients.

Give your potential Clients and Google a reason to return to your website by regularly featuring fresh, Homecare-centric content. Your Google ranking will raise higher and higher, month after month, week after week. 

There is no elevator to Google’s 1st page ranking — you have to take the stairs. We are here to help you get there. You cannot buy those rankings — you have to earn them. Use these seven steps to climb higher and higher and we will see you at the top.

Share your thoughts, comments and experience with us while implementing these carefully researched steps for helping you build a high-quality Homecare Agency website.

Thank you for being willing to serve the Elderly!

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