Dear Homecare Agency Owner,

Over the last few weeks we have received many calls from Homecare Agency owners regarding the issue of Local vs. 800 numbers. 

We already discussed the many negatives of using an 800 number. There are always exceptions, but generally speaking, we would advise to ditch 800 numbers because they are simply not Client-centric. Your Agency’s phone number(s) should be positioned in your potential Client’s backyard. 800 number(s) can never do that. 

Today, let’s explore an advanced Homecare strategy of using Local, Backyard-Local phone numbers to get more…Clients.

Let’s use an example that most of you are familiar with: New York. Let’s assume that your Seniorcare Agency is located in Queens. You made that decision to locate in Queens because the rent was more affordable, and this was not a Client-centric decision. After careful research, you have learned that Clients that are most valuable to your business do not actually live in Queens, but in: 

1. Manhasset (Long Island)

2. Yonkers (Westchester County)

3. Manhattan 

4. White Plains (Westchester County)

Let’s further assume that you hopefully are making plans to physically relocate your office to one of those Client-rich towns. Meanwhile, your Homecare Agency’s office is located in Queens. This is critical: a potential Client from Manhasset, all things being equal, wants to hire a Homecare Agency from Manhasset. A potential Client from Yonkers wants an Agency from Yonkers. A potential Client from Manhattan wants a Manhattan-based Agency. A potential Client from White Plains prefers an Agency from White Plains.

Let’s assume that your Agency’s phone number in Queens is 718-463-0000. In phone number terms, a potential Client from Manhasset, which is 516 area code, will probably never hire an Agency from area code 718. A potential Client from Yonkers and White Plains, which are located in area code 914, will probably never hire an Agency from area code 718. A potential Client from Manhattan, which is area code 212, will probably never hire an Agency from area code 718 either.

There are always exceptions, but we do not make decisions based on exceptions, we make decisions on rules, especially the rules that never change — the rules of human nature.

If you want Clients from Manhasset, Yonkers, Manhattan and White Plains, you have to change and position your Homecare Agency in Manhasset, Yonkers, Manhattan and White Plains.

Here is a step-by-step methodology of how to use Local, Client-Backyard Local phone numbers:

#1  Do your research to locate towns that are Client-rich for your Homecare Agency

You cannot serve them all. Less is more. Research the most valuable towns and focus on top 3-7. Be careful — the more towns you choose, the more you dilute yourself.

#2 Get Local 

Shop around for phone numbers with Local area codes: 

Manhasset      516

Yonkers          914

Manhattan      212

White Plains   914

#3 Get even more Local 

Shop around for phone numbers that match the town-specific prefixes.

Example: Even though Yonkers and White Plains share the same area code, they have different, town-specific prefixes. We would recommend going that deep and securing numbers that reflect not only the proper area code, but also the proper town-specific prefixes.

Yonkers town prefix is 377, whereas White Plains town prefix is 422. In the Client’s mind, they may be a world apart.

Manhasset      516-869-_ _ _ _

Yonkers          914-377-_ _ _ _

Manhattan      212-639-_ _ _ _

White Plains   914-422-_ _ _ _

#4 Make it easy on the Client

Now that you have completed your research and are ready to obtain phone numbers that are area code-specific with town-specific prefixes, try very hard to also locate numbers that will have the last four digits that are easy to remember.

Example: We want a “914” area code, and we want White Plains-specific town prefix, which in our sample is “422”. Why not ask the operator for the last four digits that will go beautifully with the initial digits? The ultimate number would be: 914-422-4242. Bingo!!!

With such a number, not only will you stand out to a potential Client from White Plains — but your number will probably be never forgotten.

If you Agency has been in business for few years and you have a good, somewhat Local phone number for the general area, we are not asking you to ditch that number. What we are suggesting is to obtain add-on numbers that will be more Local to your potential Clients. Those add-on numbers do not have to be stand-alone numbers that cost $30 per month. They can be extension numbers that cost $12.

We realize that this looks like a lot of work. Success does take a lot of work. The more work and research you do, the easier you make it for your Clients to do business with you. This is how you stand out from your competition.  

Use Local, Client Backyard-Local phone numbers and earn Her business. We are here to help. Contact us to help guide you through the research process.

Thank you for being willing to serve the Elderly!

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