Dear Homecare Agency Owner,

As you might have noticed, we are hyper-focused and hyper-sensitive to the needs of your potential Clients.

In our previous blogs, we discussed your Client’s preferences for wanting to do business Locally. Regardless of Her geographical location, potential Client wants to hire a Local Homecare Agency to care for Her Mom. 

Example: All things being equal, a hypothetical Client from Santa Monica would strongly prefer to hire a Homecare Agency from Santa Monica. A potential Client from Beverly Hills would strongly prefer an Eldercare Agency from Beverly Hills. A potential Client from Santa Monica would rather choose an Agency from Santa Monica over an Agency from Beverly Hills.

Again, regardless of the location, your potential Client wants to hire an Agency from the same town that Her Mom is from. In a nutshell, your potential Client wants Agency to be in Her Mom’s backyard.

This is human nature and that will not change. In Tip #39 we explained in details the psychology of those choices.

You are not going to change the human nature and the preferences of your potential Clients. If you want to have them as Clients, you have to change how your Agency is positioned in their minds. Their perception is their reality, and your Agency must fit that perception and therefore reality.

Your Agency’s office location vs. your Agency’s Service Area

If your office location is not in the aforementioned example of Santa Monica and you want to attract Clients from this town, your Agency will have to overcome the Local vs. the not-so-Local perception hurdle in your  potential Clients’ minds.

If you plan to do business in Santa Monica, consider moving your office to Santa Monica to attract Local Clients. Until you do, the best practice is to accentuate your Service Area in Santa Monica and make certain that Santa Monica service location is highly visible on your website. 

How do you accentuate your Service Area to attract potential Clients to your Seniorcare Agency?

Providing a list of the towns you service is good. However, visually representing your Service Area by displaying a large map is much better. Combining these two is best.

Where do you feature this information on your website?

You could mention Service Area information on the Home and Services page, but you should designate major portion of the Contact Us page, and actually create an entire Service Area page to identify and show the towns you are serving. Do not list the towns you service in an alphabetical order. There is a specific method of doing this and we will share it with you in future blogs.

How you position your Agency’s Service Area is a critical decision. It will either cost you many potential Clients or it will allow you earn their business. This decision requires a lot of research and careful analysis of the opportunities, possibilities and risks. The outcome should be to shape your potential Clients’ perception and position your Seniorcare Agency in their backyard.

Next week you will get insights to the content of the Home, Services, Service Area and Contact Us pages as it relates to the positioning of your Homecare Agency’s Service Area.

Is your Homecare Agency’s Service Area positioned strategically or are you losing potential Clients without even knowing it?

Thank you for being willing to serve the Elderly!

ADAPT to your local Female Client’s needs

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