Dear Homecare Agency Owner,

There are only a few times throughout the year that are especially important to your Homecare Agency’s marketing efforts. Back to school is one of those important times.

Your potential Client was working hard throughout the year to save up some vacation time. She spent some of Her summer days with Her grandchildren, but chances are that She spent most of Her time caring for Her aging Mom and Dad. She helped them get out of bed safely in the morning. She cooked delicious and nutritious meals for them. She enjoyed every hour She spent in their company.

Late August and early September ended those precious days, and as the grandchildren are marching off to school, She is forced to leave Her aging folks and return to Her regular job.

She may be back on Her job physically, but mentally She is partially back with them. During the summer She learned that Mom is more fragile and less mobile. She also observed that Her 82-year-old father is very forgetful and often disoriented. She cannot help but worry about them because She knows that they are losing their independence and they could use some extra help. 

Upon returning home, She started to actively look for a Homecare Agency to help Her care for Mom and Dad, and the first logical choice is the Internet.

Your job as an Agency is to make Her online experience as easy, pleasant and informative as possible. She will google and find 8-10 Homecare Agencies in Mom’s hometown. She will click around those websites and be forced to eliminate 7-9 of them. After all, She needs only one Agency and She wants to find the one that cares most.

How do you demonstrate through your website that you care? How do you not get eliminated? How does your Agency go to the next round and receive that phone call?

The key is to refresh your Homecare Agency website to be most appealing to your potentials Client’s needs, wants and sensibilities.

Your job, once She clicks on your website, is to attract Her eyes, captivate Her heart, raise Her interest so She does not even think of visiting other Seniorcare websites. You want to make your website shine with the following MakeOver items:

1. Content MakeOver. Invest your time to re-read information on your Homecare website. Make certain that types of Homecare services you offer are listed clearly. Update your site if you service new locations. Refresh and list new testimonials received from thankful Clients. Spruce up your website with new Homecare-centric images. Do you have any new certifications and awards? Reflect these changes on your website. Remember that major search engines such as Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, etc. place newly updated websites, websites with new and relevant content on top of outdated sites.

2. Logo MakeOver. Think of refreshing your logo and making it more Homecare and Female-centric. Do you have clearly identified brand colors that appeal to a 55-year-old Female?

3. Mobile MakeOver. Check if your website is Mobile-friendly. You can test your website for Mobile-friendliness using this Google Tool. If your website can be viewed ADAPTiVELY or responsively on all mobile devices, you will have the chance to be ranked higher on Google than your heavily advertised competitors.

4. Links MakeOver. If you have a website with broken links, erroneous permalinks, pages and fill-in forms which are too long or not working, pages under construction or missing pages, your online visitors, even if they stumble upon your site, might think you are out of business, you are a-one-person operation, and/or your Agency is unprofessional. Pay close attention to your Click-to-Call links, Click-to-Email links and Contact forms as they act as a direct communication and relationship-building bridge between your Agency and your potential Client.

5. Social Media MakeOver. Do not forget to revisit your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus accounts and update them with your current logo, background image, address, phone numbers of your Agency and your website’s address. Answer questions from your online visitors and review comments.

6. Blog MakeOver. Are you blogging and sharing useful information with your Clients, the Elderly, Caregivers, Social Workers and Discharge Planners on a weekly basis? If your Agency does not do it yet, it’s a great time to launch your blog platform and start writing regular posts.

7. FAQ MakeOver. Every day you receive phone calls from prospective Clients asking same old, same old questions. Why not collect and organize them in one place on your Homecare Agency website? Your physical office is open only Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm, but your website — your online office — is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Many potential Clients value their privacy and they prefer to obtain this info directly from your website.

Back to School really means back to business, and this time gives you a new opportunity to refresh and market your Agency’s website, and by doing so, an opportunity to earn more Clients. This is a crucial time for your potential Clients and therefore for your Homecare Agency. Do not allow this chance to go to waste. 

How do you plan to MakeOver your Agency’s website?

Thank you for being willing to serve the Elderly!

ADAPT to your local Female Cliient’s needs

— or risk being ignored by Her

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Your Homecare Agency website and content must please your Female visitors. They account for 85% of your online traffic. We build websites that appeal to your Female viewers.

Did you know that your website has only 32 seconds to attract Her attention?

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