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Service Area page, designed just like we specify in this article, is yet another innovation we would like to share with you to help you grow your Homecare Agency. 

How can you attract more Clients via Service Area page? If you want to earn your potential Client’s graces and business, you must position your Eldercare Agency in Her Mom’s backyard.

Today we are going to show you how to re-position the content of your Home, Services, Contact Us pages and introduce a whole new page entitled Service Area page. This page is best suited to identify your Agency’s Service Area not only by your potential Clients, but also by major search engines. 

Home and Services pages

Both Home and Services pages should mention the areas you serve. They can even offer a link to the Service Area page. If you want to attract Clients from, for example, Beverly Hills, you should clearly state that you serve Beverly Hills.

If Beverly Hills Clients are your preferred target, start with Beverly Hills as the #1 listing. If you also want to attract Clients from Santa Monica, you will make that your #2 listing, etc. If you also find Pacific Palisades, Westwood, Bel-air and Brentwood most attractive — you will list them in that order. However, if over time, and upon deeper research and analysis, you will discover that Brentwood is a #2 most attractive location, you will than re-list Brentwood right after Beverly Hills. 

The five lessons to take away here are: 

1. Do not alphabetize. Prioritize!

2. Be Client-centric and accentuate the fact that you are in your Client’s backyard.

3. Do not generalize that you are serving Los Angeles County. Doing so may push away too many valuable Clients. Why? Los Angeles County is very diverse economically. Los Angeles County has some of the wealthiest towns like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and some very poor towns like South El Monte, Bell Gardens, etc. 

4. Do not be self-centric with your Service Area. Some Senior Care Agencies want to serve the entire Southern California. Although we appreciate the ambition, such ambition is not Client-centric. Why? A Client in Orange County does not want an Agency from Beverly Hills. Client wants an Agency from Her Mom’s hometown. 

5. Accentuate the towns you serve, but keep the door open to nearby Clients by adding “(…) and dozens of beautiful, little towns in between.”

Contact Us page

This page should mention your Service Area much more prominently. Since you have more room on this page to do so, break up the headline into 3 lines. Each line will accentuate different piece of information. Line 1 serves as a cue. Line 2 actually lists, therefore, accentuates the towns you serve and want to attract Clients from. Line 3 keeps the doors open to Clients from neighboring communities.

Example of a headline:

“We are serving our Clients in

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades,

Westwood, Bel-Air, Brentwood 

and dozens of beautiful little towns in between.”

In addition, this is where you can and should feature a visual representation of the towns you serve with the help of a large map. Stretch it and make it as large as you can. This map will feature all the towns you serve — all on one map.

Service Area page

This page is the hallmark of our strategy. This is where you shine! First of all, the Service Area page should be a part of your Main Navigation Menu — preferably right after Services page.

At the top of this page you place the headline. Right under the headline, you list each town individually with a sub-headline.

Example of a sub-headline:

“We are serving our Clients in Beverly Hills and neighboring communities.”

Right under that town-specific listing, you present the Client with a zoomed visual representation map of Beverly Hills.

Remember to prioritize the listings and to repeat that process for each town. You start with the listing, sub-headline and map of the most valuable town at the top of the page and you end with the least valuable town. 

A word of caution

Less is more. The more you can concentrate on a specific Service Area, the more visible your Homecare Agency will be in that town. Do not spread yourself too thin. Clients do not want to hire a Southern California Seniorcare Agency — they want a Local Agency.

Decide which areas your Homecare Agency will be serving. Usually it is a 20-mile radius of your Agency’s office. If you go beyond the 20 miles, it is unlikely you will have a good control over your Caregivers, the quality of care and over any problems Clients may need to resolve in a timely manner. If you plan to expand your control beyond 20-mile radius, you should think of opening another office. Always be as close to your Clients as possible. This is good for them. It is also good for you.

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