Dear Homecare Agency Owner,

We are asking this, you might think too obvious of a question, for a reason. Many Homecare Agency owners shared with us their concerns about losing potential Clients during the first phone call. After researching over 4,615 Homecare Agencies and speaking with hundreds of Agency owners, we feel that this may be one of the issues that needs immediate attention.

Always keep in mind that your average online visitor arrives at your Homecare Agency’s website under the duress and time pressure of needing to arrange Homecare for Her loved one within 48 hours. She does not have time for an Email, which is usually not answered promptly. She needs an immediate response, and that is why She prefers a phone call and clear communication. If you want to earn Her trust and business, you need to meet Her expectations. First impressions matter, and now, over the phone, you have an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

The first two things your Clients hears over the phone are voice and emotions. Yes, Women do hear emotions and are very attuned to them. Since your potential Client is dealing with an emergency-like issue, your Intake Coordinator’s smooth, confident, calming voice is very appealing to Her. It puts Her at ease and assures Her that everything will be well. 

What She is doing is looking for a “partner-in-care” — “care” is the key word here. Your Intake Coordinator better be one of the most caring individuals in your office. Our 22 years of being in and around Homecare tells us this: Care is something that cannot be taught. People either care or they do not. You can hear and sense very quickly if someone cares, can’t you? Your job is to find the most caring person and make an excellent, knowledgable Intake Coordinator out of her. 

Language is the second thing your potential Client hears. Clear and easily comprehensible language helps in building a relationship with Her. She has no time to try to interpret the meaning of every other word She hears. 

Make sure a person with excellent English-speaking skills is answering your Agency’s phone.

Being native English speaker is not a must, but speaking English well is an absolute must. Let’s face it, the potential Client is already frustrated and under pressure, and She does not need more stress, confusion and more communication barriers.

There are some Agencies, who have people with poor English-language skills answering the phones. We applaud the fact that you want to employ them — and we are certain that some are wonderfully motivated — but you should not ask them to be your Agency’s Intake Coordinators just yet. Doing so will cost you potential Clients. 

Having said that, if your Agency serves areas with diverse population, where Clients would prefer communication in other than English language (Italian, Chinese, or Spanish, for example), it would be a good practice to have a person who speaks that particular language on hand, but that should not be the main Intake Coordinator. 

Your mission as an Eldercare Agency owner is to ADAPT to your Client’s language needs and make certain your Intake Coordinator has excellent English communication skills.

Does a Female with excellent English-speaking skills answer your Agency’s phone? Do you serve areas, where primary language is not English? We would like to hear from you about your experiences.

Thank you for being willing to serve the Elderly!

ADAPT to your local, English-speaking, Female Client’s needs

— or risk being ignored by Her

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