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Dear Homecare Agency Owner,

Father’s Day is around the corner. Make the most of this day. Connect with your elderly patients — especially those who do not have family nearby. Stop by their homes. Spend some time with them. Ask them about their children. The elderly are always happy to chat about their children. Ask about their fatherhood. Wish them happy father’s day.

Today, we want to dedicate our blog to express our gratitude and help all of us celebrate our loving, sometimes imperfect, but, nevertheless, wonderful fathers. 

Fathers often were the family disciplinarians, who scolded us with tough words. Today, when we assumed their roles, we know that they did it out of love. They simply wanted to protect us from the sometimes cruel outside world. Today we know how difficult it is to be a parent who is loving and allows his children to play, yet is also a disciplinarian who wants to instill in his children sense of the values of hard work, duty, and service to others.

This Father’s Day, let us skip the material gifts. Let us offer our fathers, especially our aging fathers, the greatest gifts they desire… the gifts of our time, the gifts of our company, the gifts of precious moments we can spend together and express our gratitude for their loving care.

Fathers are Wonderful People

by unknown author

Fathers are wonderful people too little understood,

And we do not sing the praises as often as we should…

For, somehow, father seems to be the man who helps to pay the bills,

While mother binds up little hurts and nurses all our ills…

And father struggles daily to live up to “his image”

As protector and provider and “hero or the scrimmage”…

And perhaps that is the reason we sometimes hear the notion,

That fathers are not subject to the thing we call emotion.

But if you look inside dad’s heart, where no one else can see

You’ll find he’s sentimental and as soft as he can be…

But he’s so busy every day in the grueling race of life,

He leaves the sentimental stuff to his partner and his wife…

But fathers are just wonderful in a million different ways,

And they merit loving compliments and accolade of praise.

For the only reason dad aspires to on-the-job success,

Is to bring his family a little comfort and happiness…

And like our Heavenly Father, he’s a guardian and a guide,

Someone that we can count on to be always on our side.

Happy Father’s Day to all loving, sometimes imperfect, but, nevertheless, wonderful fathers!

With love for the Elderly…

Article topic: Home Care, Senior Care, Eldercare, In-Home Care, Caregivers, Home.

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